Zero Turn Ride On Mower

Often, people think that their yard isn’t suitable for a ride on mower, thanks to tight corners or hard to reach places. However, with a Zero Turn machine, anything is possible. Capable of turning 180 degrees on the spot, they are easy to control and faster than a standard ride on too!

Zero Turn Ride On Mower

Perfect for Residential Use

Homeowners will love using a zero turn style, thanks to the irregularities that are often present on residential properties. From intricate garden beds to navigating between your home and garage, they are the perfect choice.

Zero turn mower

Ideal for Commercial Businesses

It isn't only homeowners that have to tackle hard to maintain areas. Botanical gardens and golf courses - just to name a few - are some of the public and commercial spaces that require professional maintenance and a zero turn mower.

Why Buy Zero Turn Ride On Mowers from Hastings Mowers?

Superior Manoeuvrability

The main reason people invest in Zero Turn machines is their superior manoeuvrability – turning on the spot ensures they can easily reach tight or narrow spaces, meaning you don’t have to perform any complicated three-point turns.

Two Transmissions

Rather than a traditional steering wheel, Zero Turn ride on mowers are controlled by holding two levers (one in each hand – for each of the rear wheels) and moving them forward or backward depending on the direction you want to go.

Residential and Commercial Use

Despite their huge popularity among domestic users, Zero Turn machines where actually designed for commercial use. Smaller models are now perfect for the home, whilst larger and more durable designs are ideal for businesses.

Wide Rear Wheels

Zero Turn mowers are designed with large, widely set back wheels – which alleviates pressure on the lawn underneath and results in less flattening and damage to your grass, as well as lowering the mowers centre of gravity for improved balance.


Q How do I know which brand to use?

AHastings Mowers stocks Zero Turn Mowers in a huge range of brands, including everyone’s favourites: Toro, Hasqvarna and COX. You can stick with your personal favourite or try something new – our expert team will be able to help you make the right decision for your property.

Q Where can I get my Zero Turn serviced?

AOur team of fully qualified mechanics are more than up capable of servicing your machine. Not only that, when you buy a new piece of equipment through Hastings Mowers, the first service is free!