Ride On Mowers for Small Areas

Compact, easy to control and convenient, ride on mowers for small areas are designed to fit into tight spaces. If you have a smaller property, these machines are the ideal way to take advantage of a ride on without investing in a machine that’s far too powerful for your needs.

Ride On Mowers for Small Areas

Ideal for Every Home

If you thought you'd never be able to use a ride on mower as your backyard was too small - yet you've grown tired of the traditional push machine - these models are perfect for you!

Ride On Mowers for Small Areas

Perfect for Gardens

These machines are designed to mow your entire property, and we know small backyards don't often have huge expanses of rolling lawn. If your property is more garden beds than endless meadows, this is a great choice.

Why Invest in Ride On Mowers for Small Areas from Hastings Mowers?

Perfect for Tight Spaces

Designed for small, compact yards, these mowers are able to get into tight spaces and get back out again without any tricky three-point turns. We recommend choosing a zero turn, tractor style or rider models, as these are perfectly suited to small properties.

Mow in Comfort

Featuring an ergonomic design, you can mow all day in these comfortable machines. With padded chairs, you’ll be able to sit down as you mow – a must for anyone suffering from any back issues or arthritic conditions.

Range of Big Brands

We know how important quality is, which is why we stock a range of Australia’s favourite brands for you to choose from. Whether you prefer Husqvarna, COX or Masport, you’ll be able to enjoy a new ride on machine whilst using a brand you know and love.

Easy to Steer

Many mowers feature confusing leavers for steering – but not our compact lawn mowers. Designed with an easy to use steering wheel, you’ll find driving your ride on as simple as steering your car, perfect for maximum manoeuvrability.


Q Which machine is right for me?

AIf you’re wondering which mower is the perfect choice for you, speak with our expert team. We will work with you to uncover your property type and your requirements, and help narrow down your search to a select few models.

Q Where can I service my mower?

AHastings Mowers team of qualified mechanics can handle any problem that you bring us – even better, if you buy a new piece of equipment through us, we offer your first service for free!