Lawn Tractor

If you’re looking for a mowing experience that’s just like driving a car, then a lawn tractor is the ideal choice. With an easy to use system featuring pedals for acceleration and breaking, and a traditional steering wheel for turning, these machines are straightforward and comfortable to use.

Lawn Tractor

Easy to Use

As we mentioned, a lawn tractor is the easiest to use mowers on the market - perfect for those transitioning from a traditional push style to a powerful ride on. Simply push your pedal to accelerate and break, and turn the wheel to turn the machine.

Lawn Tractor

Ideal for Maintenance

Favoured by everyone from professional gardeners to homeowners, a lawn tractor is one of the most straightforward machines out there - ensuring it's the ideal choice for maintaining a property of any size and shape.

Why Buy Lawn Tractors from Hastings Mowers?

Range of Sizes

Tractor style mowers are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, ensuring you can get the perfect machine for your property. A compact unit is ideal for smaller gardens, whilst a larger model may be needed for backyards with a lot of ground to cover.

Side Ejector Chutes

For properties with high and course grass, a side ejector chute is the ideal addition. It allows grass to be cut and ejected out to the side of the mower – which you can leave on the ground as fertiliser, or collect them for proper disposal when you’ve finished mowing your lawn.

Big Brands Available

If you have a preferred mower brand that you trust, yet you want to invest in lawn tractors, Hastings Mowers may have the answer. We stock a wide range of Australia’s favourite brands, including Hasqvarna, COX and Masport.

Integrated Collectors

For fast and easy collecting, an integrated collector is a must. Designed to help you collect clippings quickly to ensure you achieve tidy results every time, integrated collectors are an addition that many garden enthusiasts can’t go without.


Q What size lawn tractor is right for me?

AThis is dependant the size of the yard you need to maintain – but in general, a lawn size up to 1.5 acres wouldn’t require anything more than a 30-40” deck, whilst a bigger property would need a larger, reinforced cutting deck and a more powerful engine for increased performance and durability.

Q Where can I have my lawn tractor serviced?

AOur team of qualified mechanics are more than up to the task. What’s more, Hastings Mowers is happy to offer the first service for free on all new machines bought from our super store.