Out Front Ride On Mowers

If you love seeing the area of grass you’re cutting as you go, but don’t love steering your machine with level transmission system, then an Out Front ride on mower is the perfect choice. Featuring articulated steering, our range is both high performing and easy to use.

Out Front Ride On Mowers

Close Shave

If you're sick of leaving a ring of unruly grass around your trees and garden beds, then this is definitely the option for you. Desinged to get up close and personal with your entire property, you can see the area that you're cutting as you go.

Front ride on mower

All Terrain Mower

Make short work of any property with these powerful styles. Thanks to their all-wheel drive systems, you'll be able tackle all sorts of terrain - from steep hills and gradients to muddy ground.

Why Choose Out Front Ride On Mowers from Hastings Mowers?

Husqvarna Range

Known for their control, comfort and efficiency, Husqvarna builds professional grade machines that are designed with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. Hastings Mowers only stocks Husqvarna Out Front models to ensure you get the best of the best, every time.

Versatility and Efficiency

With front mounted cutting decks, articulated steering and easy access controls, these machines offer drivers a comfortable and effective ride and a high-quality result across their whole yard. Most users take advantage of our all-wheel drive systems, which allow you to easily navigate tricky terrain.

Articulated Steering

Featuring articulated steering systems, the user can take advantage of added manoeuvrability and easier navigation with an out front ride on mower. The system allows the rear wheels to swing out from under the machine – there’s no part of your yard you can’t reach.

Front Located Deck

With a front mounted cutting deck, users are able to see their whole work space before them, meaning they can accurately navigate throughout their yard. Many machines also have automatic blade engagement for a safer and more efficient cut.


Q Which machine is right for me?

AThis comes down to your property and the results you want to obtain. Our team can work with you to learn more about your yard before suggesting mowers which will best suit your needs.

Q Where can I service my mower?

AOur qualified mechanics are more than capable of any repair or service – even better, any new machine purchased through Hastings Mowers receives its first service for free.