Toro Ride On Mower

No area is too large or small for Toro ride on mowers – designed for both residential and commercial use, there will be a Toro machine to suit your needs. Specialising in Zero turn motors, they can reach every corner of your property with ease.

Toro Ride On Mower

Powerful Ride

One of the key features of a Toro mower is their iconic powerful engine. Take full advantage of the effective engine and enjoy an easier mowing experience everytime you maintain your lawn.

Toro mower

Hydrostatic Steering

Many of our machines feature dual hydrostatic drive systems, providing independant power and precision steering to each wheel. This ensures maximum traction and maneuverability, whilst preventing jerky operation.

Why Invest in Toro Ride On Mowers from Hastings Mowers?

Huge Range

We stock a wide range of genuine Toro mowers, for both residential and commercial use. With a huge selection to choose from, we’re sure we have the model to suit your needs – no matter your property looks like.

Versatile Machines

Not only do we have a selection of machines, the accessories and attachments available ensure your mower can complete a wide range of tasks. Attach a dump cart, de-thatcher, fertilizer spreader or any other item, and see it’s versatility increase.

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning grass and debris from underneath the deck has been made easier than ever before, thanks to the washout port that comes as standard with Toro machines. Simply attach a garden hose after mowing and the clippings will be effortlessly flushed away.

Zero Turn

Perfect for reaching tight spaces, Toro mowers are all designed as zero-turn machines. This means you can effortlessly care for your entire yard, without relying on multiple lawn mowers to get around corners.


Q Where can I service my Toro mower?

AAs an authorised Toro dealer, we offer certified servicing on all the machines that we sell. Purchase a new piece of equipment through us and receive your first service absolutely free!

Q What sort of system do they run on?

AThe majority of Toro mowers operate on a dual hydrostatic drive system – meaning each wheel is supplied with independent power. This gives you maximum traction and manoeuvrability and precision steering.