Ride On Mowers

Whether you’ve bought a bigger block, or you want to spend less time maintaining your lawn, ride on mowers are a sure-fire way to enjoy mowing the lawn. With a huge range of machines and accessories available, we’re confident our experts can find the right ride on for your backyard.

Husqvarna Ride On Mowers

With over 30 years’ experience developing innovative machines, it’s hard to find places that a Husqvarna Mower can’t reach. Offering efficient and professional riders, these mowers are a must for anyone who wants to enjoy their ride.

Cox Ride On Mowers

Proudly Australian owned and made, the legendary COX machines are designed to be reliable and efficient, even in the most rugged conditions. From commercial businesses to garden enthusiasts, COX ride on mowers are a great choice for every property, every time.

Toro Ride On Mower

Specialising in zero turn mowers, Toro machines are designed with powerful engines and exceptional quality in mind. Whether you’re a home owner or professional, you can ensure your lawn is a cut above the rest – no area is too large or small for Toro.

Lawn Tractor

Just like riding a car, lawn tractors offer ease of use and superior comfort. Use one pedal to accelerate and one to break, and control your machine with the steering wheel. If you’re looking for a mower that’s easy to use, this is the style for you.

Zero Turn Ride On Mower

If your yard is filled with tight corners and hard to reach places, then a zero turn ride on should be your number one choice. Designed to turn on the spot, they are easy to control and perfect for any property.

Compact Stand-On Mowers

Combining the functionality of a walk behind mower with the performance of a ride-on, compact stand on mowers offer the ultimate in efficiency, convenience and manoeuvrability. With a zero turn base, there’s nowhere they can’t reach, ensuring you get the perfect cut, every time.

Out Front Ride On Mowers

The ultimate in functionality, versatility and efficiency, these machines feature both articulated steering and an out-front deck. This ensures you can see area of lawn you’re cutting, whilst easily controlling your mower and navigating tricky terrains.

Electric Ride On Mowers

For an environmentally friendly, noise-free machine, an electric ride on mower is the model for you. These battery powered mowers are perfect for those who want to cut down on their emissions whilst still obtaining a professional quality cut.

Ride On Mowers for Small Areas

If you have a relatively small property but still want to take advantage of an efficient and effective ride on, then our range of compact ride on mowers for small areas could be the answer you’re looking for. Designed for tight spaces, you’ll be able to manoeuvre around any obstacle.

Ride On Mowers for Large Areas

For those with a large property or a commercial area to maintain, ride on mowers for large areas should be your first point of call. Durable and powerful, these machines are designed to get the job done as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Commercial Ride On Mowers

For those with professional needs, no ordinary mower will do the trick. Our commercial ride on mowers are durable and powerful, designed to handle everything from a golf course to expansive botanical gardens – whatever your business, make these models your first choice.

Ride On Mowers for 1 to 5 Acres

Living in a rural or regional area often means your block is larger than your metropolitan counterparts – and you need a machine that’s up to the task. Our range of ride on mowers for 1-5 acres are designed to tackle big properties and handle tricky terrains.

Why Choose Hastings Mowers?

Major Brands

Our superstore is home to all the major brands, ensuring you have access to the highest quality ride on mowers and accessories – including Husqvarna, Cox and Toro. Take advantage of our certified servicing as well, and you’ll never lose the integrity of your machine.

Quick and Efficient Mowing

With ride on mowers, you can cut your mowing time to a fraction of what it was with a traditional push mower. This is ideal for those with a large area to maintain – allowing you to spend more time enjoying your property instead.

Ride in Comfort

With padded cushioning and ergonomically designed seating, you can ride in comfort whenever you step onto your mower. We only stock machines that are built with safety in mind, ensuring you’re free from back and neck pain, and protected from injury and accident.

Free Delivery

Hastings Mowers is happy to arrange free delivery on all our new equipment – straight to your front door. We also offer free pick-up and delivery for your first free service. Don’t put off ordering a new mower because you’re worrying about how to get it home.



What type of mower should I buy?

When choosing a ride on, it comes down to choosing the machine that’s right for your individual needs. The most popular models are tractor style or zero turn, and our team can walk you through the mowers and their features to help you make the best decision for your property.

How do I know what size to choose?

Again, this is often dependent on your needs and your property size. If you’re mowing less than 1.5 acres, a model with a 30” to 40” deck and an engine size of 16hp to 21hp will do the trick. For larger areas, you may need a reinforced cutting deck and more engine power.

How often does my machine need to be serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend servicing their equipment every 12 months for optimum performance and increased life span. Whilst we can’t tell you when to get your mower serviced, it’s important to remember that properly maintaining your machine will help you avoid inconvenient break downs.