Ride On Mowers for Large Areas

If you’ve got a huge yard to maintain or you’re looking for a mower suitable for heavy duty commercial use, then our range of durable and effective ride on mowers for large areas are the perfect choice. All designed with a powerful engine for maximum efficiency, the job will be done as quickly as possible.

Ride On Mowers for Large Areas

Perfect Wide Open Spaces

If the thought of using a traditional push mower on your huge property is enough to stop you from mowing at all, then these machines are the answer to all your problems.

Ride On Mowers for Large Areas

Ideal for Every Space

Whether your property is an endless expanse of rolling lawns or acres and acres of carefully manicured garden beds, these mowers can do it all - from powerful mowing to skillful navigating of tight spaces.

Why Choose Hastings Mowers for Ride On Mowers for Large Areas?

Durable and Powerful

As large areas require longer operating periods in order to properly maintain them – unfortunately, this can put quite a strain on the engine and effect it’s performance if the proper machine isn’t used. The models in our range are designed to handle everything from a large lawn to commercial use, making them the perfect choice.

Maximum Manoeuvrability

If you have tight corners or hard to reach places, our models can meet your needs. Choose between zero turn or articulated steering, and you can rest assured there will be no obstacle that you can’t manoeuvre your way around – without needing to reverse!

Australia’s Favourite Brands

If you have a favourite brand you want to stick to, but still want to invest in a ride on mower for a large area, then Hastings Mowers have the answer. We stock a huge range of trusted and authentic brands, including Husqvarna, Toro and Masport.

Residential or Commercial

As they’re designed for large areas, these machines are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Whether you have an extra-large property and you want to cut down gardening time, or you have a number of commercial spaces to maintain, these mowers are up to the task.


Q Is a ride on mower for large areas the right choice for me?

AChoosing the right mower is dependent on a number of factors, including property size and the results you want to achieve. If your lawn is over 1.5 acres, invest in a machine with a cutting deck larger than 42” and an engine of at least 21hp. Our team can help you choose the right mower for your property.

Q Which areas do you service?

ABased in Hastings, we service South East Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. We even offer a pick-up and delivery service – check our suburb list to see if we can deliver your new mower to your door.